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Our 75 years of experience enables us to identify the right equipment for your needs.
We provide expert installations that deliver worry-free performance for your facility.
As an authorized service agent, we perform warranty and service work on every brand we sell.
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Sadly, Larry discovered a day late and a few thousand dollars short that
his fuel facility was out of compliance.

We’ll Keep Your Facility in Compliance
and Money in Your Pocket

There are numerous potholes a fuel facility manager can fall into when it comes to environmental regulations. And if government inspectors find you out of compliance, you could face stiff fines. L.A. Fritter & Son stays up-to-date on the myriad of regulations that govern fuel facilities like yours. We do tank tests and keep you apprised of changing rules and regulations. What’s more, we can keep your records on file and remind you when it’s time to upgrade.

L.A. Fritter takes full accountability for an organization’s fuel operations—from equipment installation to environmental compliance to cost tracking. We specify the leading fluid pumping equipment and provide expert installation and factory-certified service after the sale. We’ll maintain your fuel site and keep your facility in compliance.

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